During one of our many daily Pinterest + social media binges, we came across some lovely bridal jewelry that caught our eye. We just COULD NOT share this loveliness with you all. Everything about SPARKLE LA VIE is uniquely elegant + perfect. Her color palettes are simple, chic, feminine + on their A- game... making us vote it as the best type of bridal Jewelry to add a little sparkle to your big day!


Hi! I'm Sarah, the sparkly little hands behind SPARKLE LA VIE, based in sunny Malta in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. From a very young age I have always had an eye for jewelry, I used to sit with my grandmother in her sewing room, organizing all her beads and supplies, spending endless hours making my own bracelet designs and jewelry. It truly was a hobby I never wanted to let go. After realizing that it was time to take my hobby to the next level, I founded SPARKLE LA VIE in 2016, and became a self-taught Jewelry designer with a never ending love for jewels and sparkly things.

Q + A

Q: Is bridal jewelry your main focus? I mean, we definitely would sport these beauties to bed, haha!

A: My main focus is Bridal jewelry, Bridesmaids jewelry AND jewelry you can wear everyday with that extra little bit of sparkle! Giving your daily outfit that extra something without going over the top, if you know what I mean :).

Q: What would you say is unique about your jewelry line or sets it apart from others?

A: All of our designs are handcrafted with high quality materials and crystals from Swarovski®. Each + every piece is handmade with endless love, dedication + attention to detail. (Sounds like a perfect happily ever after to us! - Planning For Paradise Interruption). 

Q: What inspires you? Like for me (Jenin), coffee inspires me to go get some work done. Hope that helps clarify. :)

A: I'm always inspired by blush tones, airy feels, and random pops of colour.  I will be branching out into gifts & accessories, etc. this year too, fingers crossed all goes to plan. (ohhhhhh we can't wait for that!)

Q: Any guesses on what the next Pantone of the year will be? We are sure you are on top of it! 

A: Uhm, well - GREEN! Lots of greenery! I recently launched a greenery edition of my popular lady necklaces to celebrate the beautiful color and added a customization for my whole collection - which, I can have it made in any shade of green. YAY! I am totally obsessing over it!

Q: What is your favorite piece you have made for your jewelry line? Is there specific peice that you wear daily or can't leave the house without?

A: Well, all are my favorite... but, recently I designed the cinderella ring. Which has to be my favorite. I never take it off! It is dainty, lightweight and SO me!

Q: Any advice for all those soon to be Mrs. out there on how to find "the perfect piece" to compliment their wedding day look?

A: I think to not over do it, is most important. There are so many choices when it comes to brial jewelry - endless designs and concepts. The thing is at the same time you dont want to take away the beauty of your wedding dress, but still want to incorporate that little bit of sparkle... right? Consider whether you'd prefer gold or silver, or even rose gold! If your dress is a gorgeous white, I would go for silver! This will really compliment the brightness of the dress. On ivory, I would suggest the more subtle gold pieces. With our jewelry, I use a vanilla / buttery gold which isn't that overpowering yellow gold you sometimes see. Plus, it goes so well with an ivory or champagne gown. And lastly, not forgetting that rose gold... it goes beautifully with blush or soft pinks! At the end of the day, be yourself and wear whatever make you feel confident. Confidence is the best accessory any woman can wear! (Amen to that - Team Paradise).

Q: Any other big news or things happening of you + your business?

A: As I mentioned above that I will be branching out, I forgot to mention I will be incorporating more fun and chic jewelry, bohemian inspired pieces, tassels, etc. 

Q: Now, we know you are not U.S. based, but when I had spoke to you beforehand you ship a lot internationally - right? And what are your costs, etc.?

A: Yes! Believe it or not most of my customers are in the US. My prices start at approx $19 for earrings, my lady studs are the least expensive. Then obviously the more delicate and more fancy, pricing increases. My highest price is around $43. So, between $19-$43 to date. With regards to shipping, I ship Worldwide and at the moment and also offer a flat rate shipping to the US! 


Big THANK YOU to sarah for taking the time to chat with us + share her beautiful jewelry line!

Photo Credit: Chicka Artistica Photography

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