Tacos + Tequila… YES, please!

Every girls nights out should always include the following: Tacos, Tequila… and Uber’s. Ha! Myself + some of my favorite gals celebrated Taco Tuesday last week at the newly opened FAT ROSIE’S Taco + Tequila Bar located in the heart of Downtown Naperville. It also happened to be National Tequila Day the following day… how convenient. We were greeted by fun staff, a talking donkey on the wall named “fat Rosie” + a spread of delicious food from the Carreta Taco Platter to a Churro Sloppy Sundae that was almost too pretty to eat. Actually, we were all “really” full but still managed to devour it. The appetizers didn’t disappoint either, I highly recommend the Plato Surtido — DROOL. Delicious drinks were drank, we partied in sombreros, laughed until he cried + then almost had heart attacks when we took a potty break (you’ll know what I mean when you visit.) If you are on the hunt for a fun + vibrant dining experience with a modern take on traditional Mexican Fare — this is the place!

ABOVE PHOTOS BY:  Charming Studios

ABOVE PHOTOS BY: Charming Studios

And my MOST FAVORITE thing I learned about Fat Rosie’s, is how it all started:

“On a trip to Mexico after opening his first couple of restaurants, Chef/Proprietor Scott Harris met a wonderful old Agave farmer with a dedicated pet donkey. This man’s steadfast donkey had worked alongside him in the Agave fields for over 20 years! While most would disregard their work animal, the old farmer treated Fat Rosie as part of the family. They had a rare and inseparable bond that had formed through the many years of hard work, sweat, and tears. Scott admired the love and care that this old man had for his trusted donkey. He admired it so much in fact, that one night after many shots of tequila he promised the old farmer he would one day open a tequila bar and name it after the beloved donkey, Fat Rosie.”

Now THAT, is a story.

I am excited to partner with FAT ROSIE’S to GIVEAWAY Dos (2) $50 gift cards. To enter, visit HERE. On-da-lay!

In the meantime, check out their delicious MENU + don’t forget to make a reservation for your next night out on the town (just don’t forget to invite me!)

THANK YOU to the entire FAT ROSIE’S staff + Team. You all are fabulous + I’ll be back soon!



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