Pretty Convenient

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Okay, so there are mornings that I literally just don’t have the motivation to “get down to business.” Sometimes it is just one of those mornings where I wake up on the wrong side of the bed or a have sleepless night because my toddler is yelling for me from his room at 3AM… “mamaaaaaaa.”

Anyone else have those mornings where you don’t have the energy to put effort into getting ready? I think — “I have to blow dry my hair — then make it look presentable — and finish up with makeup and all the other little things inbetween.” Anyone that knows me too, knows I am notorious for leaving the house makeup - less + with wet hair. And thinking about what I am going to wear is exhausting enough some mornings.

Thankfully, there are some “Pretty Convenient” options out there. [see what I did there - ha!]


Pretty Convenient provides hair + makeup services to your doorstep. Yes, it’s true. A traveling beauty company. They off a FREE mobile APP designed for your smart phone + iPad  delivering on-demand hair and makeup services to your doorstep. Pretty should be convenient, right?!

Their team of rockstar stylists can prep you before a night out with friends, the all important work presentation, date-night, before the big interview, gala or special dinner, or just for that weekly blow-out with out the hassle of hiring a babysitter. 

They also have a storefront location that is utilized for workshops to styled shoots or if you are looking for a girls day out with your favorite gals full of champagne + good times [A.K.A. Andre and the national enquirer], you can do that too.

I mean… they pretty much nailed it with the name.


Download there app, here.

Learn more about their services, here.

And… to receive $10 off one of their services — Use the Code: PARADISE


Mrs. Paradise

Pretty should always be convenient.
— Tracy
Jenin Paradise