Dane Vintage / 80'S


The evolution of fashion is intriguing. Decade after decade new trends are introduced just as quick as they fade out. My most favorite thing is when an era of fashion makes a comeback + watching how we in the present day sport style vs. how it was worn during its prime time.

If you know anything about my personal style, I am all about mixing modern day trends + vintage. I hear more people say they could never pull it off + I totally disagree. I think sometimes the word "vintage" is a turn off but in reality you purchase clothes that are inspired by these pieces. And what fun is it to have the same shirt some else does?Borrrrringgggg. I love the uniqueness vintage brings to my wardrobe... and honestly, anyone can pull it off. The whole purpose behind my collaboration with D.V. + these hot b's below was to prove it. Lets all learn to be a little less boring... one vintage piece at a time.

This is what happens when an artist, model, professional photographer + blogger walk into a vintage shop... The 80’s called. They want their Mom jeans back.


STYLE TIP: Mix your modern day shoes, handbags + a outerwear with vintage pieces to make these looks happen.

Shop all of these looks + more non - boring stuff at D.V.

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