Goldstuck Pt. 2

Photography By: Victoria C Photos

It’s been awhile since I put up a blog post but I only do when I truly want to share something I love with you all. And with that being said, today I am sharing with you again... Goldstruck Goods. I love owner, Chanel, even more. She rules. You’ll see why below...

So, I probably have said it enough but a huge part of my style is incoprating vintage pieces into my everyday looks. I love that I can wear something that most likely no one else has + the uniquess that comes with it is a added bonus.

One of my favorite key pieces for the fall, silk blouses. You will see me wearing them with my favorite jeans paired up with sneakers or getting fancy with a skirt + heels. They are also one of my key layering pieces, mashing them up with my favorite slip dresses or knits. They are such a delicate + timeless item to have in your wardrobe. And honestly, they have become my go-to when I “can’t find anything to wear.” Which is pretty much, everyday. Ya feel me? 

You can check out Goldstruck Goods online + stay in touch to see where her next Chicagoland pop-up is at! 

Shout out to Hotel Zachary for letting us climb on your furniture. You have great breakfast. 

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