Koester Company

Photography By: Blue Lime Photography

Meet my new favorite everyday bag from Koester Company.

A small textile company based in Louisville, Ky. They are designed + sewn by the owner himself, Austin Koester. #superrad

The designs compliment everyday wear + are functional to any lifestyle from date night to Mom life — that’s truly what drew me to these bags along with the unique but simple designs.

Sure, I have a lot of cute handbags I’d love to sport on a daily basis but let’s be real they aren’t always the most convenient when I have a toddler in tow a majority of the time. I am over diaper bags + I am tired of trying to keep track of my purse while chasing around a tiny human.

I worked with Austin to create the perfect bag that would be functional in my everyday life. A few things I love — durable canvas, versatility of the bag, customizable from the canvas to the pockets + length of the straps. I also love all the different styles of the bags from bucket bags to backpacks. There is literally something for everyone.

Everything is handmade to order + if you need a fictional bag in your life... this is it.

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