Lazy Day in Paradise

Photography By: Victoria C Photos

Nothing sounds better, amiright?! This is one of my favorite collaborations to date, because it hits me on an emotional level. I love working with brands and meeting new people + I love even more when they turn into friendships.

A few years ago, I walked into a European fashion bouqitue in downtown Hinsdale. There stood a fashionable blonde hair woman, Gaile. From there, we worked together several times to shoot stuff for her boutique + my blog and an awesome friendship developed in the process. She thought I was crazy but decided to keep me around, ha! Fast forward a year or so, we were out for martinis one night + Gaile mentioned she wanted to sell her boutique. At first, I was like “nooooo” — haha. I loved Mabelle Avenue so much + I knew all the hard work she had put into it. After chatting several weeks, her decision to sell it — I knew she was destinied for much more. I always remember asking her what she wanted to do + always got the answer “I’m not sure” but I knew she was up to something creative. She is one of the most driven and fashionable women I know + I knew her talent would not go wasted. 

 ”I am going to showcase my clothing line in a fashion show. Will you come.” — Gaile 

I got this text from her several weeks back + I was thrilled ...and also excited for the surprise. 

I got to witness it on the runway for the very first time. Her + her mother hand knitted the entire collection! YES, the ENTIRE collection. I was literally blown away! It’s gorgeous, trendy + I wouldn’t of expected anything less from these amazingly talented women. 

So fast forward to present. When she reached out for me style it with my everyday wardrobe — I didn’t think twice. Her brand is luxurious, made with love + hands down the best knitted pieces I’ve ever worn. 


“Unique handmade knitted sweaters, hats and other products, that will help you look fabulous, stylish and warm. Every product is made with love and exceptional care, right after the order is placed.” 


She is still a huge part of her old boutique + her line can also be found in MaBelle Avenue — yay!


Thank you to HOTEL INDIGO — Naperville for letting us shoot this local designers clothing line in the hotel. Cheers! 

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