Paradise, Unplugged.

Hi friends. 

First off, let me start by saying I am very thankful I have the opportunity to be a mom. God is amazing + I am truly blessed to have this journey apart of my path in life. And let me finish by telling you sarcasm runs thick through my veins + drysenseofhumor is my middle name. I said that with a straight face. Now here comes the real shit...

Anyone who ever said being a mom was the best thing ever, is a liar. Just wait, hear me out + let me explain. It's definitely not all time. It's hard, it sucks, then it's fun + then you are crying or googling every single illness to figure out why your 2 year old isn't eating. It is a roller coaster of emotions - both good + bad. It is definitely not always the best thing ever. I have come across the most challenging times in my life since I have become a mother. And I would do it all over again too. Without hesitation. Weird, right? Not really.

It's okay to be real with yourself as a parent + admit when you are really hating something. That doesn't mean you are a bad mom or regret having kid/s, it is normal + we all think that way just don't always admit it. I try to turn my difficult times into humor bc that's is my way of making light of a not so easy situation. The other day my son was throwing his 4573457239 tantrum of the day, in the Target parking lot of all places, and two women snickered (I would of too) probably because they have both been there before. I told them Rush was for sale + they laughed... then proceeded to tell me I was doing a good job. 

It's not all flowers + butterflies, it is a lot more like Tornados followed by sunshine - then again, over + over... all day.EVERYDAY #onrepeat -- until those little eyes shut + I can open a bottle of wine and decompress. And, not even after a few seconds of my ass hitting the couch for the first time all day... I am telling my husband how I can't wait to see Rush in the morning + how much I miss him.

Motherhood changes you. Motherhood is hard. Motherhood is the best thing ever.

Mom Advice: If you ever plan to do a shoot, don't take your kid who's obsessed with anything that has wheels to Union Station, when it's raining + cold. And if you have, it's okay. We are all human.

Thank you  CHARMING STUDIOS CHICAGO / MY CHARMING CHILD for capturing our tornado. It's not always paradise over here folks. It usually consistent of a lot of swear words, sweatpants, tantrums + wine. REPEAT.

CHEERS, mamas!

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