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Morning ya’ll! Its not even noon + I am already 3 cups of coffee deep! Hellllloooooo, MONDAY!

Some of you might have been following along on my recent teeth-whitening journey and if so, the results are in! 


As a busy Mom-preneur — running a luxury event venue, blogging on side and living that mom + wife life... I have made it a priority to start doing more things for “me.” I have made it a huge priority to start taking extra measures to care for my overall health, especially since I am getting older + all changes that come with that — ya feel me? One of the things on my list, you guessed it — TEETH!

I am always looking for simple products to use to maintain my “priorities” because they seems like the only time I really commit to something. On a daily basis, I feel as though I am being pulled in so many different directions + with making time for self care seemed to be difficult sometimes — I knew once I learned all about Smile Brilliant it would be the perfect addition to my crazy life. 

So, I recently teamed up with Smile Brilliant and they provided me with a complimentary teeth-whitening system. I will be honest; I have never used a whitening product before. I am the basic — brush, floss + visit the dentist every 6 months type of gal. Thankfully, I grew up with pretty much perfectly straight teeth, no braces or any dental issues. However, I was the girl who was always jealous when my friends got the cool colorful retainers — no joke!

SIMPLE IS KEY: How + when I made it work for me!

  1. Mornings — I made it a habit to be the first thing I did when I woke up. Especially if I had to be out the door for a meeting, I would get my trays all ready to go — pop them in + go about my morning routine. Shower, blow dry my hair, apply a little makeup, change clothes a million times — you all know the drill. Haha! By the time I did all those things an hour easily rolled by + I was ready to head out the door with no trays in my mouth or trying to whiten my teeth during a commute.

  2. Nighttime — now, I’ll be honest... some mornings don’t always go as planned (it’s called having a two year old or staying in bed past my alarm) and when it didn’t, I didn’t panic. I worked my whitening process into my skincare routine that I also made a priority to start doing regularly. So, they went hand in hand + after completing both I went to bed feeling super good about my self!

HOW IT WORKS: Steps + process to whiter teeth.

When I received my package in the mail, I was so excited! I opened it immediately + made my molds for my custom teeth whitening trays. You can watch it, here, on my insta-stories highlights. The instructions were so easy to follow + the process was quick. Once the molds were dry, I removed them + placed them in a pre-addressed envelope provided by smile brilliant - off they went! About a week later I got my custom trays + was able to begin my whitening process.


I was provided with teeth whitening gel as well as a desensitizing gel when my original kit arrived. Each syringe is good for averagely 3-4 uses. I would simply apply a thin layer of the whitening gel to the top and bottom trays and then just put them in my mouth. Starting off, I would whiten for approximately 45 minutes + increased by time to hour - hour 1/2 depending on my days. The trays were super soft and bendable so it also made then entire process pleasant. They were so comfortable; I would honestly forget they were in sometimes. When I was done, I would run them under warm water to rinse them and brush my teeth normally. The desensitizing gel was amazing! I actually have slightly sensitive teeth + after each whitening process I would apply a small amount into my clean trays for about 15 minutes. Then again, rinse my trays + mouth with warm water. The entire process lasted me approximately 6 weeks + I am thrilled with my results! I definitely see a huge change in my teeth color + even saw results as early as 2 days in. 

I think self-care is so important, whether you are a busy mom or not. Taking care of our bodies should be a priority all the time + finding simple and seamless products definitely make life much easier. And because I want to make all of your lives easily... YOU can do something for yourself today + use the code: “ planningforparadiseliterally15 ” for 15% off your very own SMILE BRILLIANT teeth whitening kit!

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