Smile Brilliant CariPRO

Some of you may remember awhile back when I had the opportunity to try out the Smile Brilliant Professional Whitening System — See my blog post, HERE. I was so happy with my results + pearly white smile that when I was offered the opportunity to try Smile Brilliant’s new cariPRO electric toothbrush, it was an immediate — YES!

Now, I am going to get real here quick… I don’t or haven’t ever invested a lot of time or funds into oral care. I am the one who always buys the generic tooth brushes at the store. As a mom of a 3 year old, my husband + I have been teaching our son the importance of taking care of your teeth. We got him a children’s electronic tooth brush + he’s OBSESSED. Teaching him those important self-care habits made me realize I could get better at mine… and I CAN NOT believe I had never used an electronic toothbrush until now. Better late than never, right?! I have always had good oral care habits, but what a difference! As much as I thought I was doing a good job of brushing my teeth before, but my teeth feel so much cleaner using the Smile Brilliant cariPRO.  If you don’t already use an electric toothbrush, I would highly recommend this one. If you already use an electronic toothbrush, it might be time to upgrade + here is why I recommend the change —

cariPRO™ Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush (what I am using):

  • 40,000 vibrations / minute dynamic cleaning action

  • 5 brush modes (clean, white, massage, gum care, sensitive)

  • 30 day battery life (on full charge)

  • Ergonomic slim design with graphite gray soft-touch grip

  • Waterproof design is safe for shower or bath

  • Auto-interval smart timer for even + timed brushing

  • Wireless charging dock

  • 2 premium brush heads with tongue scraper

They also offer Full 2-Year Warranty!

  • Full warranty against manufacturer

  • Retail packaging (individually sealed)

  • Instruction booklet

You can check out the CariPRO Manual, HERE. And for more information + FAQ about Smile Brilliant’s products — click, HERE.

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