Dane Vintage / Vintage T's

PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Everyday Charming

Whatever your go-to type of vintage T is... whether it’s a throwback band or brand, it will always be a yes in my books. 


I grew up a total sports junkie, playing + watching them... the outcome, Tupperware bins full of sports team vintage T’s. I am patiently waiting to take them out of retirement. They’ll make their debut soon, don’t worry.

In the meantime, I am always hitting up my fav. Vintage gem — DANE VINTAGE for some V - T’s + pretty much anytime I want something awesome. 

How to wear a vintage tee:

1. Stop being basic + wearing them with jeans. Pair them up with a fancy pant [what I like to call them], a skirt or even buy oversized + make it a shirt dress.  

2. Make some adjustments. Scissors are always good [love a good cut-off, just sayin’] — or hey, even try a side knot if ya want to show some skin. 

3. Own it. Be comfortable in vintage. Anyone can kill it in a vintage T [see below for proof].

Shop all of these looks + more non - boring stuff at D.V.

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