Katie + Casey.

Date // September 2nd, two thousand + seveteen.

Location // Inwood Gold Course - Joliet, Illinois.

Photography by // The Colagrossi.



  • Kaite's father officiated the wedding + he, #killedit - good job dad!
  • Katie took a shot with her dad instead of doing a first dance.
  • Guests ate desserts from a live donut bar + ended the night feasting on gourmet french fires [Kudos to the brides sister on that one].
  • Katie + Casey's dog stole the show down the isle [sorry katie]. I mean, how could he not...
  • Right when the couple got introduced to enter the reception to cut their cake, the globe bulb right above the cake burst + fell on the cake. Yep, it sure did. Thankfully it just "smoothed" out one side + it just happened to be on the side the couple could only see. They both looked at me. I gave them the "okay"  + no one even knew. I also brushed glass under the cake table in record time. 
  • We all were pro golf cart riders by the end of the night.
  • The weather could of not been anymore perfect. The couple even got the good luck rain + it legitimately was the most delicate sprinkle shower I've ever witnessed. Then it stopped. Right when the food truck was about to arrive. Talk about timing.
  • Casey + Katie trusted me with their life. Thanks, guys.



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