Rachael + Tom.

Date // October 7th, two - thousand + seventeen.

Location // Arranmore Farm + Polo Club.

Photography by // Nicole Clarey.



  • Rachael is a flight attendant + during the ceremony when it was her turn to take the mic, she read sweet little loves notes that she accumulated over the years... written on airplane napkins + barf bags. Yes, yes she did. #winning 
  • When Tom saw Rachael for the first time walk through the church doors, it made me cry. No one knows that until now. But, yes... I cried. It was so sweet.
  • Rachael smiled the ENTIRE day. If you don't believe me... we have pictures to prove it! Happiest bride, EVER.
  • The brides BFF / M.O.H. helped make a majority of the calligraphy decor items for the big day. 
  • When it came time for the garter portion of the reception, Rachael very causally "iced" her groom. If you don't know what that is, look it up. You won't be disappointed.
  • The couples beloved husky-human, Odin, didn't get a chance to make the wedding... but he made an appearance on their wedding cake.
  • Rachael spent a majority of the evening karaoke'ing with the band. She was pretty good, I wonder if they are hiring? 
  • Tom + Rachael got married at the high school church that they both attended. 
  • I lost smoke bombs. I found smoke bombs. And then they were put to good use. One of my favorite pictures!



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